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02 Jan

Bamboo Tablet Stopped Working Correctly in Photoshop

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Recently I went to use my Bamboo pen tablet for some photo editing. It really makes things easier when you are doing lots of erasing or clone stamping, or other similar edits. Well I was quite distraught to discover that it would only work in a very small corner of the Photoshop window, instead of allowing me to use the pen across my entire monitor which is normally how I have it set. If I minimize Photoshop, it works across the whole screen like it’s supposed to. I went into Windows Control Panel and verified the Bamboo mapping was still set to my main monitor. I then tried changing settings and changing them back in my Bamboo preferences, but to no avail. After that I tried switching the Bamboo to a different USB port on my machine and then tried installing the latest drivers from Wacom, both of which failed to resolve my issue.

I was ready to take the Bamboo outside and use it as a one-time-use frisbee, flinging it as hard as I could and shouting a variety of obscenities as I ended its miserable existence by hurling it into a tree. As a last resort, I went into my computers start menu and looked under the Bamboo folder, here I found this wonderful little utility called “Bamboo Preference File Utility”. When you open this utility it only has a few options – under My Preferences chose “Remove” and was prompted to confirm I wished to remove my preferences, which I confirmed. Oddly, it reported that no compatible Bamboo device was found on my system, however the change was immediately apparent because my pen was now working across both monitors. I then went into Photoshop and with great joy I found that I was now able to move the cursor anywhere in Photoshop again! All I had to do after that was go back into Bamboo preferences in Control Panel and re-map the pen to just my main monitor. Here’s a shot of the helpful little utility:

Bamboo File Utility

I just thought I would share this with all you Photoshop aficionados out there. For me, being in tech support as a profession it always really annoys me when I can’t solve a computer problem, especially if its something preventing me from using my computer the way I need to. Needless to say, I was quite glad to get this one resolved.

31 Dec

Thank You Graphic

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Lately, I have been spending more time learning my way around Photoshop to do things other than process photos. I’ve had a few things recently where I need to make some kind of graphics, and so I took the time to learn a lot of new techniques to create them. On example was for Thanksgiving I created an old paper style graphic, using a tutorial I found here. I only used one photo (actually a scanned image of a piece of paper) to create the whole thing and in the end result it played only a minor role in achieving the effect I was looking for. For me this is quite unlike how I normally like to do things, where I typically rely heavily on photography, even though I realize many things could just as easily be done in Photoshop without using a camera at all.

I think this was pretty good for a first attempt, but I also know I have many things to learn! Here is what it looks like:


You will probably see more postings like this one as I have been doing more and more graphics and its a lot of fun learning fancy new tricks.

05 Oct

Business Card v1.0

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This is something I’ve been meaning to do for all too long, design a business card. I was so excited to print this tonight, BUT I bought the wrong replacement ink cartridges. They work with my printer, but I didn’t get the one of the 8 that’s empty. So even though I am printing grayscale and the empty one is photo magenta, the printer doesn’t care. So my printing will have to wait until tomorrow. Here it is though, the first Gregory Kemp Photography business card. Will this be the end of the business as the saying goes? “The business card is the start and end of any business”.

If you were wondering, the card was created entirely in Photoshop CS4.

bus card v1