Vietnam Missions Trip

In October I had the awesome opportunity to go on a missions trip with my church to Vietnam. My objective for the trip was to shoot photos and video that we could use to get other folks on board with missions abroad, to motivate people to get out there and serve. It was a very busy 10-day adventure for me to say the least, a lot of fun, but extremely tiring. During my time there I shot around 5000 pictures and 2+ hours of video (all in short clips). I ended up processing around 350 pictures which you can see here on my Flickr stream.

As I side note, I absolutely loved the food there and did not get sick of it at all (most Americans do I guess) – but honestly when I landed in Chicago I had a burger, and was really really missing the delicious Vietnam food already! They eat a lot more vegetables and fruits there, with smaller portions of meat and also a lot of seafood and I really think that is the way to go. I believe in moderation, rather than strict vegetarian or vegan diets. I like meat, and a certain amount of it is good for you, too much is bad, along with all the other crap we eat in the US, which has more grease than stuff your body can actually use. Lets just say I ate like a pig in Vietnam for 10 days and lost 10 lbs.

A lot of my photos and video will by used by my church to create presentations, but I too decided to use them as a way to say thanks to all those who supported me on the trip, through prayer and financially. To do this I decided to take on video editing. I spent several weeks researching software, learning techniques, watching my vid clips over and over, and writing out ideas for how I wanted to make a short vid. I think the end result was well worth it and I definitely picked up a lot of new skills along the way.

I used Sony Vegas Platinum HD as my editing software, I didn’t want to spend too much money on software to use for my first time editing. I am really quite happy with Vegas and may upgrade to their pro version later, as opposed to moving to Premiere or something else. I definitely want to do some more video editing in the future as I really enjoyed it, and its very satisfying to work and work on something and then see it come to life in a final rendered video! Here is the video:

Along with this short video, I created several longer clips showing some things we did on the trip (I will not be posting the others online, but if you know me personally, feel free to ask to borrow the DVD I created). I put these all together on a DVD, complete with a DVD menu, created in Sony DVD Architect. The software made it really easy to create a simple DVD menu with video background.

To make it a nice finished product, I created some album artwork completely from photos (except for the text) I shot on the trip, along with a Lightscribe DVD label:

Vietnam artwork

I am really thankful to have gone on the trip, thankful to have learned a number of new skills, thankful to be used by God to serve others, thankful to all my friends who supported me. I really hope that the video and photos I captured motivate others to want to go out there and serve Christ. I know it doesn’t make sense to those of you who are not Christian, but all I can say is that it is the purpose for which we are meant, living in relationship with our creator, and it is awesome.

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