MHHS Class of 61 Reunion Photos

Today I have been working on a jewel case cover and Lightscribe CD label to make nice looking CD’s for the MHHS Class of 61 reunion I photographed a few weeks ago. I was so excited to try making my first ever Lightscribe CD tonight only to discover I bought the wrong CD’s. I must have selected the wrong item when I was ordering them on Amazon. I will have to pay the much higher in-store price for the CD’s tomorrow since I won’t have time to re-order the right ones, and there’s always that suspense of wanting to see if my design looks good or not on a real CD.

On the other hand, I did design and print the jewel case covers successfully today, just waiting on the prints to finish so I can cut them (and hoping my printer won’t run out of ink as it prints through the 50 covers I need to make). I am by no means a graphic designer, but sometimes I get inspired and do something I think turned out rather well. I relied mostly on my photographic skills as all but the main text of this graphic was created from photos – there were 5 separate photos and then several layers of text, all done in PS CS4.

The labels are being printed by my Canon Pixma printer on photo matte paper as I write this, tomorrow when I get the first CD’s burned maybe I’ll take some pics of the final product. For now, here is the jewel case label design:

MHHS Cd cover

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