LCDVF on the a55

a55 and LCDVF

I was finally able to acquire a metal surround to use my LCDVF on my Sony a55 camera! When I purchased the LCDVF 16:9 it only came with 2 surrounds and both of them were needed for my NEX-5’s. I also really wanted to use the LCDVF on the a55 since the view you get through it is far superior to the a55’s EVF (though its not bad in the world of EVF’s, it just can’t compare). Peering through the massive display the LCDVF gives you is about like sitting close to a big screen TV, its not at all like using an EVF or even many OVF’s. There is almost no strain on the eye and I rarely need to use zoom focus check when manually focusing with the LCDVF.

For some reason it is not easy to find the LCDVF 16:9 and accessories in the US (the other sizes are readily available here). I had to search on and off for the last 5 months to finally find a web vendor in the UK (Glidetrack) willing to ship the LCDVF 16:9 surrounds to the US for reasonable enough price. It cost about $45 with shipping for 3 surrounds. That price stinks when you realize all you got were 3 metal rectangles with sticky tape on one side, but considering how useful they are I can’t complain too much. I bought 2 extra because the shipping cost was the same and figured I might need them later.

One small mod I had to make was to add some velcro to the backside of the LCD display of the a55, this keeps it from falling down with the heavy LCDVF attached to it. I may find a better way to deal with this in the future since the velcro prevents the LCD from sitting flush against the camera, but for now it gets the job done.

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