Infrared Controlled Lighting

One thing I have been researching and practicing is strobe lighting (and continuous lighting as well) for use with infrared studio photography. I have not done a tone of actual shooting, but the first thing I have noticed so far is that light fall of is much sharper when using ordinary flashes for IR studio shots. The flashes themselves output a surprising amount of IR light, but their coverage is a lot more narrow. I dont really know what causes this yet, but will continue to experiment and learn what I can.

I think Minolta Rokkor lenses look really cool in IR because they have a silvery look, the two photos below were both taken with an infrared converted NEX-5 using a Rokkor 35mm lens. Both shots required quite a bit of post processing to get them to look reasonably nice, this was mostly due to the heavy light fall off toward the edges of where the flash was pointed.

Rokkor 8mm in IR

Rokkor MCs

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