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15 Oct

Photos for McCarthy and the Red Menace

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One of the local bands that played at the Hyland Clam and Jam now has their own Facebook page featuring some photos by Gregory Kemp Photography! They are great, and if you love local Cleveland music you should check them out here!


16 Feb

Church of the Open Door Avon Lake

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Church of the Open Door in Elyria Ohio has recently joined with Avon Lake Baptist Church to start a new church campus. It is very exciting for both churches and many great things are happening as Open Door’s Avon Lake campus is renovated to prepare for the first services there. The first service at the new campus will be on March 25 at 10am. I have been shooting a lot of photos of all the work being done at the new campus, you should really check it out!

Open Door Avon Lake

31 Dec

Shane and Shane and Phil Wickham Concert

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On December 7 my church had the honor of hosting a Shane and Shane and Phil Wickham concert. They were amazing performers, playing a lot of great Christmas and worship songs. They brought in their own sound system and lighting and really made our auditorium look spiffy, and the sound was great too. Our own worship leader, David Swidrak opened for them, and he did a great job too. I was honored to be able to take a few pics to commemorate the event. Check them out:

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02 Oct

First CD Ready

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I was able to find Lightscribe CD’s at Office Max on sale today, so that was awesome. I then tried out my design on a CD to see how it would look. I am pretty happy with the results. I think in the future I would want to be able to do actual prints on CD’s, rather than lightscribing them. This works pretty well and is a lot more professional than using a Sharpie, especially with my chicken scratch handwriting. The CD label was created in Photoshop and then I am using Nero to print the image onto the CD.

First CD

02 Oct

MHHS Class of 61 Reunion Photos

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Today I have been working on a jewel case cover and Lightscribe CD label to make nice looking CD’s for the MHHS Class of 61 reunion I photographed a few weeks ago. I was so excited to try making my first ever Lightscribe CD tonight only to discover I bought the wrong CD’s. I must have selected the wrong item when I was ordering them on Amazon. I will have to pay the much higher in-store price for the CD’s tomorrow since I won’t have time to re-order the right ones, and there’s always that suspense of wanting to see if my design looks good or not on a real CD.

On the other hand, I did design and print the jewel case covers successfully today, just waiting on the prints to finish so I can cut them (and hoping my printer won’t run out of ink as it prints through the 50 covers I need to make). I am by no means a graphic designer, but sometimes I get inspired and do something I think turned out rather well. I relied mostly on my photographic skills as all but the main text of this graphic was created from photos – there were 5 separate photos and then several layers of text, all done in PS CS4.

The labels are being printed by my Canon Pixma printer on photo matte paper as I write this, tomorrow when I get the first CD’s burned maybe I’ll take some pics of the final product. For now, here is the jewel case label design:

MHHS Cd cover

31 Dec

Night of Worship

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On November 28, 2010 I had the honor of photographing Church of the Open Door in Elyria Ohio for their 60th anniversary celebration.  The church was completely packed with church members who normally worship in separate services with distinct worship styles.  The first 60 years have been great, hopefully the next 60 years will be even better!

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