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06 Oct

Better in Black

In Blog by Greg / October 6, 2011 / 0 Comments

I really like how the card looks in black, all I did was invert it in Photoshop without making any adjustments. The white version looks good on a heavy weight matte paper, the black looks good on a heavy weight gloss. When I get my cards professionally printed I will order some of both, for now I am printing a nice stack at home which will all be the white version.


05 Oct

Business Card v1.0

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This is something I’ve been meaning to do for all too long, design a business card. I was so excited to print this tonight, BUT I bought the wrong replacement ink cartridges. They work with my printer, but I didn’t get the one of the 8 that’s empty. So even though I am printing grayscale and the empty one is photo magenta, the printer doesn’t care. So my printing will have to wait until tomorrow. Here it is though, the first Gregory Kemp Photography business card. Will this be the end of the business as the saying goes? “The business card is the start and end of any business”.

If you were wondering, the card was created entirely in Photoshop CS4.

bus card v1

05 Oct

Fragile Earth Studios

In Blog by Greg / October 5, 2011 / 0 Comments

A bit of a sidetrack from my usual directly photographic postings (I guess I have enough postings to call them “usual”) – the other day late at night when I couldn’t sleep because I was sick I found this awesome website. They are using 3D game engines to create virtual versions of real world places. Seems some of the work has a ways to go, but it looks like an awesome idea. Imagine being able to explore the areas of Mammoth Cave not accessible to the public, or being able to walk on the moon. It will be so cool if they could combine high resolution images of these places with the 3D maps they are creating. Check it out here.

08 Sep

The Last of my Film

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last of film

The other day I finally started scanning the negatives from the last shots of film I used. I had 22 rolls processed, I was using 4 different film cameras at the time which I will post more on later. My scanner (CanoScan 8800F) has been running as much as I can keep it loaded with negatives for the last 6 days and I still have 6 or 7 more rolls to scan! It takes about an hour to scan 12 35mm negatives at 4800 dpi which gives you a resolution of about 30MP – well beyond the maximum useable resolution of the film, I find this works pretty well to get the most out of the scans.

Looking at all the pics I took, it really makes me wish I had not decided to quite using film. Film is really great for the aesthetic it gives, you would think that all the flaws, the inaccurate color, the narrow dynamic range would be major turns offs, but there is a certain texture to film that you don’t get from a digicam. I am currently looking at ways to recreate the film effect without all the extra hassle involved, using programs like DxO Film Pack or even homebrewed Photoshop actions, some of witch work surprisingly well. I will post more on this later.

07 Sep

Learning Timelapse

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Today I went out to try making time lapse, this is only the 3rd time I have ever tried it. I have images for another that I need to process, but below you can see the final attempt I made tonight. I didn’t have a plan really, I just planted the camera and set the remote…and waited. The lens was slightly out of focus (stupid me). I used my a55 with Tokina 11-16 lens and a YongNuo intervalometer remote. 202 images, adjusted in Lightroom before exporting to 480 height and processed using JPGAvi / Windows Live Movie Maker. Perhaps if I try to do them more than once a year I can get good at it. For now I am just winging it to see what happens when I do this or that.