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06 Sep

New Desk Arrangement

In Workstation by Greg / September 6, 2011 / 0 Comments

I am trying to make the most of my desktop area so that I can get everything I need and not have too much junk (I like to keep things simple). I have a lot of requirements like being able to use my Wacom tablet, but since I am a lefty for drawing I have to have it on the left side of my keyboard, but I use the mouse right handed…so it means both sides of my keyboard are used up. Below is what my desktop looked like at the beginning of the day yesterday.

desktop original

The left monitor is my secondary workstation, typically used for scanning (that monitor is also connected to my primary desktop), the middle monitor is for my primary desktop where I do most of my photo editing, and the right monitor is connected to my media pc where I play music or TV from. All of the monitors are mounted on rotating stands so I can use them for portrait editing when needed. This arrangement has worked pretty well for a couple years, but it was time for an improvement.

After much rearranging (and cleaning), I ended up with this:

Desktop New

I now have room for my Wacom tablet, I also have more than enough room to setup all my cameras for downloading pictures (though I really should get a memory card reader instead of hooking up the cameras to the PC every time). I added a 4th monitor up top for TV, and the right monitor is now used with my Macbook and iMac (the iMac’s original monitor died). In case you noticed, the right monitor appears to be Windows 7, this is because I now run Win7 exclusively on my Macbook after running into an issue I could not work around well enough in OSX. I like OSX but sometimes its annoying switching between 7 and OSX because of minor differences in shortcuts and whatnot, but that’s another blog post. All of my computers are controlled by one keyboard and mouse using Synergy Plus, possibly one of the most useful tools ever made.

While I was at it, I made a spot for all my iDevices to be hooked up for syncing and charging off my primary desktop:


My printing area didn’t change much, it has been this way for a couple years:


And lastly my scanning area where I scan my film negatives and prints, this is also where my Mac’s reside:

scanning area

I would eventually like to get a nice big curved desk as that would make things a lot easier, but for now I have to work with what I have and I am pretty happy with it.