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22 Nov

NEX-5 + Samyang 7.5mm

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NEX-5 + Samyang 7.5mm by Greg Kemp
NEX-5 + Samyang 7.5mm, a photo by Greg Kemp on Flickr.

The Samyang 7.5mm is a fisheye designed for M4/3 format cameras and will yield a 180 degree full frame image on a 2x crop sensor. When modded for the NEX, this lens will yield slightly more than 180 degrees in a semicircular image. This here, as far as I know, is the smallest 360VR setup you can have. So far this Samyang lens has proven to be remarkably good (from others tests online). I have yet to do any shooting with it as I just got this all setup. You can see my trimming of the lens hood was a bit crude, and I realized I needed to trim just a bit more from the top petal.

To use this lens on the NEX bodies you need to do 3 things –
1. Get an MFT to NEX adapter (cheap on eBay)
2. Remove the ring from the rear (held on by 3 screws) – inside you will find three metal spaces, just take these out and then replace the ring. This allows the lens to achieve infinite focus on the NEX.
3. Remove the label ring from the front of the lens, its just glued on (do it carefully with a very small screw driver so you can replace it later) – once removed you will find 3 black screws holding the lens hood on. You need to completely trim off the smaller side petals, and the larger petals need 2-3mm removed so they do not show up in the image on the NEX.

You can also read more on others making this lens work on the NEX here:

01 Nov

Gregory Kemp Photography Logo

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Via Flickr:

Here is its folks, the first GJK Photography Logo! Yea!! Woohoo! Its just my initials with a circle around it, but I think it makes a good logo. I was messing around in photoshop with some effects filters. I dont know if I will use the current look, or just use the "flat" version without any texture applied to it, or will maybe use different variations for different things. Who knows! I have been trying to think of a good way to do this for a while, this is nice and simple and I like it. What do you think?

01 Oct

360VR with Sigma 4.5mm and a55

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I have been testing out the Sigma 4.5mm with some 360VR’s to see how well it will stitch. I did calibrate my NN3 tripod head almost perfectly for this lens, but I still had some issues getting a decent stitch in the real world, this was most likely because of the tripod leaning between shots. The lenses no-parallax point is almost at the very front of the lens, for the entire camera sits very far back on the NN3 arm making the whole rig slightly unstable and causing my lightweight travel tripod to lean at little bit between each shot. I am going to be practicing shooting 360VR’s handheld for an upcoming trip where I wont be able to take my pano head. Even though there are obvious stitching errors, I think it still creates a very usable 360VR, and with a bit of ‘shopping it would be easy to make it near perfect. I did not do any tripod removal or post processing because I was just testing to see how well this lens would work.

Stitched from 3 shots in PTGui:

02 Jan

Front Page Images

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Here are the images posted on my front page:

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